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ScienceSerum Mystery Set™

Limited Time Offer:
Includes up to $150 worth of serums, for just $79.99! Add a little mystery to your mailbox.

Introducing our top-secret, limited edition self-care Mystery Box. Add some eyes-looking.png thrill to your next trip to the mailbox. This is self-quarantine with a side of self-care. $85-$150 worth of serums, for just $79.99! 


*Box will include a random selection of 2 of the following 5 anti-aging serums: Tighteye™, Tightneck™, Tightlips™, Moistureyes™ or Bright & Tight™

*Select customers may receive the ALL NEW PRO-SERIES TIGHT™ (singular product with 4 treatments)


ScienceSerum Mystery Set™ Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Science Serum Mystery Set

Posted by Angie Alexander on Aug 12th 2021

I got the Mystery Set because I could not decide what areas I needed to work on first. I have all the problem areas in the video, but didn’t want to break the bank.
I am 51 with not only mature skin, but highly sensitive skin so I was very leary this product would work on my skin. To my surprise and and joy of what my skin is looking like since I started using it once a day to now twice a day.
Good bye City Beauty!!!!!!

Science Serum Mystery Set

Posted by Pleasantly surprised on Jul 2nd 2021

Absolutely delight with my set. It contained 3 serums - two of which are regular purchases for me and the third one was tight lip which I am looking forward to trying out. At 51 years of age and a smoker for a long number of those years I have quite a few lines around the lip area so fingers crossed that will work as well as the tight eye has been working for me. Absolutely delighted with the contents of my set. Thanks guys.

So far so good

Posted by Jae Price on Apr 19th 2021

I am pleased with results of using Tight Lips so far, I am seeing tightening on the upper lines of my lips, and around my mouth. I'm hoping to continue seeing more results as time goes on.

Great Gift!

Posted by Reggie S. on Jan 22nd 2021

Gifted this set to my wife for her birthday, she has been very happy with her results. She got the Tighteye and moisturizing serums in her box.

Incredible results

Posted by Kim H. on Jan 7th 2021

Wow. The neck serum I received works WONDERS and the lip serum is just as great!

Great Products

Posted by Diane Lombardi on Jan 7th 2021

I was hesitant to purchase a Mystery set since I did not know which products I would get, however I am so happy I purchased! Mine came with the Bright & Tight and Moistureyes serums and they are PHENOMENAL. Will be a customer for life for sure!

Love The Surprise!

Posted by Nancy Gallaher on Dec 29th 2020

I got the eye and lip serum in my set...love them both! I have been seeing dramatic results with use every day.

Loved my set!

Posted by Maggie K. on Nov 12th 2020

Just got my mystery set! Received the lip and eye serum. Love them so much and loved the surprise aspect of this set at such a great price. Highly recommended.